Proxy Under Poet

saw the light of day in early spring 2012 in the city of Korsør, Denmark. Christian called Carsten to tell him about the new solo project he started some months earlier. He asked if he wanted to join him in his quest for making

pop music

as he wanted to turn the project into a regular


. They immediately agreed to work together and started talking about which direction to take the project. The songs Christian already recorded in his subtle home studio became the base of the songwriting. They started to discard some of the songs and re-arrange the songs with potential and created vocals for them in Christians home studio.

The studio was moved to Carstens basement. Everything in the studio was very low budget and the equipment was slowly upgraded
New songs
were also written during the summer 2012. Now they contacted Anders to hear about his plans for the future and if he desired to play the drums in a
band. They all met up and Anders joined the ranks that summer. Anders, Christian and Carsten had played together before in several bands during the last decade or more and it was clear that Proxy Under Poet was now taking shape.

As the summer went by more songs were made and written in Carstens basement. The musical style of Proxy Under Poet was taking numerous shapes as different genres were constantly introduced in the recordings. Creativity was more important than being able to stay within certain musical boundaries. But as the months went by the style was narrowed down to what you hear today as the songs that stood out the most was put away.

In the summer of 2012 Carsten left a party band to focus on Proxy Under Poet. In the building where they used to rehearse they were allowed to form a past shower room into a small studio. At the end of 2012 they completely demolished the shower room and builded a small studio from scratch. The point was to be able to make everything for themselves. They wanted to record their songs when they had the time for it so a time schedule in a rented studio would not stress them. As the song writing continued alongside the recordings there were actually only one solution. Their own place to do it all.

The process of song writing continued in spring 2013 and the re-recording of all instruments were done on the side. Another friend of the band, Henrik, was called in to record the bass. He already knew all the members of the band, and had played with them on several occasions. When summer arrived only the vocals needed to be recorded. Their jobs however often collided with band activities and recordings were often postponed. In November 2013 Proxy Under Poet was closing in on the end of all recordings, and the first photo shoot with the three original band members was done in mid November. Early 2014, Henrik was asked if he wanted to join the band as the permanent bassplayer ( and he did ) so now they were 4 fulltime members in Proxy Under Poet.

The process of this musical project has been a little abnormal. They rehearsed together for the first time a year after they formed the band. The song writing and the musical direction of the band had all the attention from the beginning. In January 2014 all the vocals were done and 7 songs were ready for mix and mastering and the band could look back at a project which took up a lot of time and effort since they did everything themselves. The next step is to perform the music live. The band now resides in Slagelse, Denmark.
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